Welcome to the Wyoming Liberty Block! This is where we will post articles, podcasts, & news that will affect the lives of Wyoming residents!




As principled believers in liberty, peace, and ultimate self-ownership, we have come to the conclusion that most of (if not all of) the states in the US have been lost to ever-increasing socialist authoritarianism. As such, we have decided that our efforts should be focused on keeping Wyoming free as opposed to focusing on national politicians and libertarian candidates for governor of states like California.


We do not believe in futility. We will focus on battles that a) can be won and b) are meaningful.


There are many local battles for freedom that are meaningful, and most of them can be won with a bit of strategy and hard work. 

Top legislative priorities

HB230 - LGBT anti-discrimination in hiring --- Passed House Committee 5-4

HB145 - Repealing death penalty

HB220 - Corporate tax --- Passed House 44-14

HB244 - Medicaid expansion --- Passed House Committee 6-3

HB183 - Concealed carry on state properties --- Died on the House floor