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NY Libertarian Beats Republican in Gravis Poll

According to a Gravis Poll conducted from June 4th-June 7th, Libertarian candidate for New York governor, Larry Sharpe is rising among the pool of candidates who are vying to dethrone Andrew Cuomo, who has served as the governor since 2010.

The poll found that of the respondents who have heard of Larry Sharpe, 24% planned to vote for him in a 5 way race.

In a head-to-head matchup, the poll found that Republican candidate Marc Molinaro lost to Cuomo 55-45.

Larry Sharpe (L) lost to Cuomo (D) 51-49, which is well within the 3.8% margin of error for the poll. Considering that millions of New Yorkers haven’t yet heard of Larry Sharpe, that figure has potential to improve dramatically from 49%. Democratic incumbent Cuomo does not have that upside, since he is well known - and strongly disliked by New Yorkers of many categories.

In the event that former ‘Sex and the City’ actress Cynthia Nixon manages to steal the Democratic nomination from Cuomo (hey it’s 2018 - anything can happen) a head-to-head matchup between Sharpe and Nixon has Sharpe winning by six points.

It seems that New Yorkers are beginning to believe in the long-shot Libertarian candidate who shares their beliefs on so many key issues.

Being an entrepreneur, Sharpe supports decreasing taxes, spending, economic regulation, imprisonment for non-violent offenders, and supports cannabis decriminalization. Sharpe supports the right to self-defense. Sharpe supports immigration and dealing with everyone with compassion. Most New Yorkers would seemingly agree with Cuomo on their top issue. Sharpe plans to continue to travel to every area of New York State. As his name recognition continues to improve, expect him to increase his lead over the others, and even overtake Cuomo in head-to-head polls.

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