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Healthy Masculinity

Yes, you read that title correctly. Masculinity is natural and healthy and at the same time, men are not perfect. In fact, no humans are perfect. Many people believe that hateful humans are the furthest from perfect. Among the furthest humans from perfection - the most evil and hateful people on Earth - are what this article will refer to as ‘radical divisionists’.

Radical divisionists seek to divide people in as many ways as possible, perhaps as part of a ‘divide and conquer’ mission. It is well documented that the fascist, socialist authoritarians that comprise the elite class of the United States seek primarily to gain and retain power. Imposing their will on 320 million people is essentially an impossible task. So, the elites constantly concoct new ways to divide Americans. Simply put, dividing Americans accomplishes two objectives that help politicians retain power:

1) Makes people fight each other

2) Distracts fighters AND spectators from the evil committed by politicians.

Radical divisionists have divided Americans by race, social class, financial status, orientation, political party, and recently, by gender. In a prior article, we analyzed why the divisionists may have chosen gender as their new battleground. Simply, it has a potential reach of 100% of humans in the US (and the known universe).

This attack on masculinity, however, attacks the most natural element of human civilization: Biology. As such, the pushback has been enormous. By attacking the entire male gender for existing, the radical divisionists (augmented by the media, the radical left, radical feminists, and the #MeToo movement) have jumped the shark and lost major credibility among Americans of all backgrounds. By lumping typical male behavior together with violent serial rape, they have infuriated many Americans. (The radical divisionists, especially the hateful feminists among them have been actively blurring the lines of ‘rape’ by intentionally using it together with terms like ‘sexual assault’ and eventually ‘sexual harassment’ which could involve behavior as benign as a man politely asking a woman on a date) Even if we assume that the latest Gillette video was bait or a social-justice dog whistle for the radical left, this hateful attack remains newsworthy.

So, let's report some news:

News flash: Healthy masculinity involves men earning a living for themselves and their family. Healthy masculinity is about protecting oneself and one's family. Healthy masculinity is about self efficacy and personal responsibility - including the golden rule. Healthy masculinity is giving charity to those who truly need it. Healthy masculinity is about peace and love. Healthy masculinity is humor. Healthy men overcome challenges, and they do so without stepping on others. Healthy men are kind. Healthy men treat women equally as humans, and delicately as ladies. Healthy men empower women.

News flash: Toxic masculinity involves control, manipulation, power, corruption, dominance, and irresponsible and reckless behavior. Toxic masculinity involves men condemning others, even from their own glass houses. Toxic masculinity is about violence for the sake of violence. Sheer stupidity could be toxic, too. Toxic men patronize women and treat them as inferior humans. Toxic men abuse women mentally and physically.

The radical divisionists don’t have many people on their side. They are very few in numbers, but they control enough of the media, Hollywood, and the government education system to influence millions of Americans. Those who are most vulnerable to their brainwashing become part of the frenzied mob that seeks to divide and destroy our society and our families.

“Is this the best a man can get?”, asks the latest video created by the radical divisionists.

It is not.

We must take more responsibility for toxic behavior and we must condemn men who control and harm others. Most of all, we must stand strong and reject what the radical divisionists are pushing: division and hate.

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