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Anti-Woman Legislators Propose Waiting Period For Natural Right

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A group of State Representatives in New Hampshire have proposed a radical bill, possibly inspired by the increasing bigotry towards women throughout the country of late. For the past two years, President Trump has unabashedly worked to curtail this Constitutional right, demonstrating how little he cares about women’s health. We support a woman's right to choose, and we always will. This fascist bill must be stopped!

Of course, we are discussing natural right to bear arms, which is guaranteed by the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution (though it is not as strongly guaranteed by the constitution as leftists believe infanticide to be). The right of a woman to choose how to defend herself is extremely important. Many women are vulnerable to attacks on a regular basis. Women often have to take subways and buses to work, and those who drive to work might walk hundreds of feet to their cars at night after work. This group of legislators wants to make it much more difficult for women to protect themselves properly.

Throughout the US, 22% of women own firearms and many of them carry firearms concealed on their person every day for the purpose of personal protection. HB514 would impose a mandatory waiting period of at least 9 days between purchasing and picking up any firearm or ammunition from the store. Those who own firearms and take the responsibility seriously tend to train fairly often with their pistols to ensure that they could use it effectively if such need were to arise. Shooting often means buying ammunition often. If ammunition took at least 9 days (7 business days, according to the bill) to obtain, those who wished to shoot enough to remain proficient with their guns might have some serious issues.

Obviously, a major part of ‘women's health’ is ensuring that they remain alive. In the US, over 3,000 women are murdered every year (not including infanticide). When those women sense that they might be in danger (angry ex, friend, neighbor, dangerous location, etc.) many of them make the decision to purchase, train with, and carry a firearm. Current law allows anyone who passes a federal NICS background check to buy a firearm within one day. If this bill passes, women who believe that their ex husband may try to kill them would have to wait at least 9 days before they could legally obtain a tool with which to defend themselves. Anti-gun leftists do not want these women to have any choice but to pray for help.

If you do not want women and men to be forced by law to wait at least 7 business days before picking up a firearm or any ammunition from a store, you need to take action. This is a Democratic bill and the Democrats control the House and the Senate. It is extremely important that you email and/or call every State Representative, especially those on the Criminal Justice Committee and especially those who represent your town. If it passes the House and the Senate, the last hope to defeat the bill would rest on the shoulders of Governor Sununu, who seems to have little care for how much freedom the people retain.


HB514 has passed the House and the Senate after being amended to make the waiting period 3 days.

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