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Rep. Bartlett (D) Says Abstinence Doesn't Work; Insurers Should be Forced to Provide Contracepti

(Facebook/Len Turcotte)

During the NH House session this past Wednesday, I heard some of the most unbelievable comments I have witnessed in my four years as a legislator. During a floor debate that would require insurers in the state to cover the complete cost of

contraceptives for birth control, democrat Christy Bartlett from Concord made the following two statements during her speech in support:

“Abstinence and personal responsibility are not viable birth control methods.”


“My personal story is I have had three unplanned pregnancies. If I’d had access to contraceptives, my life would have been very different.”

On the day of the debate, I actually missed the second comment as I was still in disbelief and digesting what I had just heard in the first statement. THIS, my friends, is the liberal mentality of many on the other side of the aisle.

The link to the audio/video can be found here, at 11:19:54 am.