The tragic and unnerving events that took place Sunday night in Las Vegas, Nevada have many Americans emotionally charged regarding gun control. If you have not yet heard, the worst civilian mass shooting in US history took place Sunday night when a sociopath allegedly shot down on a large country music festival with AR-15's equipped with bump fire stocks and many other weapons, including explosive materials, according to law enforcement


59 people were killed and around 500 were injured in the attack, which still has more mystery to it than any other attack of such a large scale has had.


In the days after the attack, the usual anti-liberty crowd began calling for gun control, falsely asserting that if weapons were illegal, they would not be used by people committed to carrying out evil acts. We all know that nobody in the US uses drugs that are illegal - prohibition works so well!


What we found so discouraging was 1) Seeing how many individuals and groups 'didn't let this tragedy go to waste' and continued to use everything to push their agenda of controlling people and taking away their liberties, and 2) how many individuals and groups who were thought to be libertarians, conservatives, or constitutionalists disregarded the 2nd amendment after this tragedy and said that we should give government the authority to restrict 'some' weapons. 


This short podcast goes through the philosophy, constitutionality, and common sense of why gun control is never acceptable.