Once again, the NYC and US governments share the award of 'Statist of the Month'!

On October 31st, a terrorist who pledged allegiance to ISIS used a rental truck to run over bikers in Manhattan in an effort to kill as many innocent Americans as possible. The Uzbeki national used his Home Depot pick up truck to run over bikers while driving for nearly a mile down a bike path. This terror attack was successful, leading to 8 deaths and 11 injuries. It also shut down part of the busiest city in the US temporarily. 

The NYC government and the US government are Statists of the Month due to being accomplices in this vicious attack that killed our neighbors. The US government has a 'lottery program' that allows countries like Uzbekistan to send terrorists to the US by 'picking them in a lottery'. Trump has spoken against this system, but only time will tell whether he will actually end the program of bringing the worst people from other countries in the US. Democratic mayors like Deblasio of NYC are outspoken advocates for welcoming extremist terrorists into NYC. These policies are to blame for this attack and the similar attack that happened just weeks prior by another terror attack that killed 1 and injured 22. Weeks later, another middle eastern terrorist targeted a subway station when he detonated a pipe bomb that was strapped to his chest. All of these attacks occurred in the busy lower Manhattan, and all were likely encouraged by NYC government welcoming in terrorists and forbidding New Yorkers from protecting themselves with guns.