Our Statist of the Month for November is NY Governor Andrew Cuomo!


On November 10th, the NY Daily News reported that Governor Cuomo plans to implement strict regulations on how workers and employers interact - similar regulations to the ones that NYC mayor, Bill Deblasio approved weeks prior.


The primary reforms would make it a crime for a person to work a shift that was scheduled less than two weeks in advance. This effectively criminalizes people who generally work on a 'per diem' basis.


The new laws would also make it illegal for an employer to cancel a shift with less than 72 hours notice. 


The more the government regulates employment, the more difficult life becomes for all employers and employees. Since violating these communist rules would punish businesses financially, they would be forced to increase prices or decrease salaries of their employees. 


Andrew Cuomo reminded us why New York remains in last place among all US states in economic regulation. 


Thank you, governor!