Top legislative priorities

The bills below will affect how much personal freedom you have in New Hampshire. Please join The Liberty Block and urge our legislators to support freedom.

SB1 - Creates a new tax; funds a new government/welfare program - VETOED by Governor

SB2 - Budget passed by Democratic House/Senate. Increased spending and included terrible laws - VETOED by Governor

HB687 - 'red flag laws' aka 'extreme risk protection orders' (gun confiscations without due process) -VETOED by Governor

HB109 outlaws private sales of firearms - VETOED by Governor

HB514 - Imposes waiting period for firearm purchases - VETOED by Governor

HB564 - Bans guns in 'safe school zones' - VETOED by Governor

HB101 - Allows school districts to ban weapons - Tabled

HB696 - Takes guns away from people who 'neglect' seniors without due process - VETOED by Governor

SB142 - Increases taxes; funds 'free' feminine hygiene products in all-female bathrooms - SIGNED by Governor

HB508 - Recognizes Direct Primary Care; clarifies that it is not a form of insurance - SIGNED by Governor

HB455 - Repeals the death penalty in New Hampshire - VETOED by Governor - Overridden by House & Senate 

The Liberty Block is proud to have played a significant role in stopping HB628 (the income tax bill) in 2018 by reaching over 20,000 people on Facebook with our articles. Every article explained how the bill created a horrible program funded by a tax on workers, and encouraged readers to contact their legislators and urge them to oppose the bill. After passing the House, HB628 failed in the Senate.


Unfortunately, we were unable to help pass the following pro-liberty legislation:

HB282 - Requires Fish & Game officers to obtain a warrant prior to searching a vehicle - killed by House 

For more information on current bills that affect freedom in New Hampshire, visit the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance and view their Gold Standard

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