Mr. edu

The first time that Elliot Axelman ever stepped into a radio studio, he was joining the Mr. EDU show as a guest. Mark Stewart AKA Mr. EDU created a radio show during which he used his decades of experience as an educator to engage with his audience, focusing on SAT and college preparation. Being that Mark Stewart is a libertarian, the show had a free market, anti-establishment, outside-the-box theme to it. During the final 30 minutes of the show (which Mark referred to as the 'liberty block'), he discussed various topics revolving around freedom, often with libertarian guests. A few weeks after Elliot initially came on as a guest, Mark handed the show off to Elliot, who became the primary host. Realizing that he could not claim to be 'Mr. EDU' and did not even have a college degree, Elliot asked Mark if he could move forward with the name 'The Liberty Block'. Mark agreed and mentioned that they should consider making a website to host the audio from the shows (and to have a place to post everything else - from videos, to articles, to activist info). Thus, was born!​

Mark explains why Democrats should support libertarian candidates
Mark explains why Marijuana is a schedule 1 controlled substance
Mark explains Common Core