The Statist of the Month is governor Andrew Cuomo (socialist), along with almost every member of the NYS senate and assembly. The legislature recently approved Cuomo's proposal of free college tuition for people in households making less than 100k a year to attend state schools. In 2018, the program will expand to include households making under 110k a year a then to those under 125k a year by 2019.

What's the catch? If a student who used this program to attend a state college for free were to leave the state or take a job outside of the state within the same number of years as they went to school for, they would have to reimburse all of the tuition to the state. This was likely made a condition due to the massive number of people who have been fleeing NY, the worst state in the US.

Why even socialist New Yorkers should not like this: One of the reasons that Cuomo did this was to gain support of the more conservative, anti-Cuomo upstate NY. Working NYC households make much more than 100k a year, otherwise they couldn't afford to live in NYC. They also already love socialists like Cuomo. This free tuition really applies only to upstate students, whose parents make much less money and generally do not support Cuomo. This makes his chances of re-election in 2018 even more certain, which will then give him momentum going into the 2020 presidential race, having come off of an 85% re-election victory.