The Statists of the Month for March 2019 are the tyrants who comprise the Illinois State House.


The Illinois House passed HB3394 in March, hoping to give the State government broad control over corporations. This would be a massive leap towards the inevitable goal of every government: communism. The bill mandated that every board have at least one female, one black, and one Hispanic on it. The Senate passed a watered-down version, much to the chagrin of HuffPo. The bill has not yet passed into law.

Radical leftists believe in perpetual self-victimization. Despite millions of blacks, Hispanics, and women in the US attaining amazing success due to their own hard work, leftists continue to do everything in their power to convince minorities that they are victims and that they will never be successful without government handouts/communist policies. 

This bill was inherently flawed for other reasons, as well: Corporate boards who did not yet have a black person due to not having a qualified black candidate would be forced to disrupt their company's board and/or increase it in size enough to dilute the power of the undeserving, ashamed new black board member. Such a law would have hurt all parties involved. 

As libertarians often wonder: Why can't we just try freedom?