The Statists of the Month for June 2019 are the politicians who extort and abuse the peaceful citizens of Hagerstown, Maryland. On June 18th, the official Facebook page for the city government posted that every person with a pool that could be filled with water deeper than two feet must obtain a building permit. The permit seemingly costs $85 and requires an inspection by government officials. 

One seemingly angry resident commented: "Shall it please the crown, I'd like to fill a large container of water, which I was taxed to purchase, with water I was forced to pay the city for, on land I'm taxed on every year in perpetuity, without being forced to pay another tax under the threat of imprisonment."

Another commenter pointed out the obvious scam of licensing: "Permits and licensing. That's when the state steals your rights and sells them back to you."

It is not yet clear whether this law is new and whether other cities in Maryland enforce this tyrannical law. Regardless, the founders would have tarred and feathered these politicians a long time ago.