The Statists of the Month for June are NY state Senator Peralta (D-Brooklyn) and Assemblywoman Glick (D-Manhattan). They introduced in their respective chambers a bill that would expand the speeding camera program in two major ways:

1) The new bill would increase the maximum distance from school zones for speeding cameras from a quarter mile to a half mile. This would essentially allow NYC to place cameras that automatically ticket any driver who hits 36 MPH in every square inch of NYC.

2) The new bill would remove the restriction on the cameras' operating time which has always been during school hours only. The new bill negotiated between the communists at city hall and the communists in Albany would allow the cameras to operate from 6 AM to 10 PM every day. This would increase your chances of receiving a speeding ticket in the mail (with zero due process) by around 20%.

Keep in mind that you are paying for these additional cameras. NYC already plans to install over 600 additional speeding cameras. Also keep in mind that if people obey these new restrictions, traffic in NYC will continue to worsen considerably.

The bill passed the assembly but did not pass the senate before they adjourned the session. 

Please email your state senators as well as Senator Peralta and Assemblywoman Glick to let them know how you feel about the new bill!

*Former 'Statist of the Month' Tony Avella (Bayside-Whitestone) is a sponsor of the bill in the senate. Email him too!