Elliot was outraged that the NY Assembly passed a bill that massively expanded the speed camera program in NYC that was part of Mayor Deblasio's Vision Zero Liberty. The bill more than doubles the number of 'school speed zones' that can have speed cameras installed in them, they made the speed zoned 1/4 mile in radius from any school entrance or exit, and they expanded the allowable hours of operation for the cameras. NYC plans to install over 600 additional cameras once the bill passes in Albany, as reported by NYDailyNews.com.


The bill will probably pass the senate soon, with the help of former 'Statist of the Month' Tony Avella, who is a co-sponsor of the bill.


Shawn Johnson - paramedic in the Wyoming Army Guard of 17 years, Casper Sheriff's deputy of 10 years, and sitting Casper councilman calls into the program to discuss the legality, effectiveness, and ethics of the camera programs in NYC.

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