The Statists of the Month are NY state senators Murphy, Ranzenhofer, & Avella for proposing a law that would give police the ability to circumvent a warrant to gain access to all of your cell phone in order to determine if the phone was touched at the time of a car accident, thereby nullifying the 4th amendment to the US constitution and trampling on our personal liberties.

Here are my four massive issues with the bill:

1) There's no possible way to see exactly which second the crash happened or which second the phone was touched. Maybe the phone was touched while sitting at a red light and 5 seconds later the car was struck by another car. Should that be grounds for a conviction?
2) If anyone else were in the vehicle, it would be impossible to prove that the driver was the one who touched the phone.
3) This is a gross violation of the 4th amendment. 
4) Cops text and drive too. Once again, people would punish others for a 'crime' that they commit on a regular basis.

It is still in the senate committee. It may not be too late to kill the bill if we all vote 'nay' and email our senators and assemblymen and demand that they vote against this attack on privacy.

Do you want to make it easier for police who text and drive to gain access to your phone and revoke your license or jail you for doing the same??


Tell the 3 sponsors how you feel about their bill: