Grant - At first, this word may not seem to contain any malice. In fact, this may sound like a positive term.


Many people (especially those of us in NH) understand that the issue of mental health/substance abuse is a horrible and complicated crisis. The problem with accepting money from the government is that there are always strings attached. The 'granting' government uses the 'accepting' government's dependence on this grant (grants are generally given regularly/annually) to blackmail the smaller government into doing their bidding.


You have probably seen articles with titles like "New Hampshire will receive a $150 million federal grant for substance abuse treatment". You may have heard this term when politicians or news anchors spoke about funding for certain departments, budgets, and programs on a city or state level. An example would be money from the federal government for substance abuse treatment, we now are forced to use it exactly how the federal government (meaning President Trump and our corrupt congress and agencies) demands. The better alternative would be to not pay the federal taxes that fund these 'grants' in the first place and instead retain that money in our own state or community and solve the problems ourselves! These grants give the federal government (Trump and Sessions and gang) control over how NH spends money and how our government conducts business. 



The US government has been using federal tax dollars to bribe states to institute strict seat belt laws. Did you think that state lawmakers made those decisions?


Annual grants were used by the US government to blackmail Montana into instituting speed limits on their highways. Yet, Montana residents who do not read The Liberty Block may naively think that the Montana government makes the laws for Montana. They do not. The federal government controls them, because they take money from all Americans by force, and only return it to state governments who obey them.


The US government currently funnels over $600 billion a year from US taxpayers to certain states and cities that the US government chooses to give money to and/or blackmail.


"The federal government is offering extra highway money to states that change to the primary seat belt law. Florida would get an additional $37 million under the budget proposed by President Bush in January." NY Times


The federal government could use 'grants' to encourage states to 'buy' guns back from innocent people. 


Even the NRA is endorsing federal grants to states that implement increased gun control. Tyranny always begins with policies that are impossible to oppose, like 'gun violence restraining orders'.