The Statists of the Month are NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio and U.S. Sec. of HUD Julian Castro.


On Dec. 16, NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio teamed up with Texas native Julián Castro to further the socialist agenda within NYC. Using a 2 million dollar T-Mobile grant and money stolen from the working Americans by the NYCHA and US HUD, these 2 socialist leaders will be distributing tablets and mobile internet access to 5,000 families in the Bronx. The mayor claims that 25 percent of people in the Bronx cannot access the internet. We still do not know how much this program would cost taxpayers.


The socialist/democrat party uses the same propaganda to convince people that requiring an ID to vote is unfair because black and Hispanic people are too stupid to figure out a way to obtain an ID. In this video, supposedly stupid, poor minorities proved the Democrats wrong. They happily show their ID's. They would do the same if asked whether they have smart phones. As a paramedic, I have asked thousands of patients throughout NYC for their ID’s. The only people without ID’s were those who were known to be illegal aliens.


Why do the Democrats think so little of minorities? And why do NYC minorities continue to vote for them?

I have been in the projects that Deblasio is referring to. They are terrible living conditions, but almost every single person above the age of 5 living in the projects has at least one mobile device with internet access. They usually have shoes that cost hundreds of dollars more than mine, and TV’s that make my 46” TV look cheap.


“Increasing internet access across the city is not just a noble goal – it’s a necessary one. These days, the internet is virtually a requirement for people searching for jobs or students doing homework”, said Deblasio on the new program. What he does not say is that advancements in technology do not necessitate everyone owning this new technology, especially not if it is paid for with stolen money. People have gotten by for all of history without internet. Even if there are a few people who don’t have a smart phone because they refuse to work, they can continue to live without it. They have done so for decades. Ideally, they will get a job so that they can begin to pay into these programs that they love so much.