Our Statists of the Month for December are the Philadelphia City Council and Public Health & Human Services Committee for making it illegal for store owners to keep themselves safe. 


On December 4th, the Philadelphia Public Health & Human Services Committee passed a bill that allows the city's Department of Licenses & Inspections to regulate whether storefronts can use plexiglass to protect them from attackers. Stores in dangerous areas of cities like NYC and Philadelphia often use glass to protect the cashiers at night. The glass incorporates a revolving door or a bank slot to trade money for products. The glass does not allow potential thieves to steal from the cashiers.


As the article mentions, the members of the communist city's council prioritize political correctness and social justice over actual safety of its businessmen. Councilwoman Cindy Bass referred to the glass barriers as a "sort of indignity" to people of color, since they generally are located in black neighborhoods.


Thank you for making your constituents realize that you care less about their wellbeing than you do about your social justice agenda!