We at the Liberty Block support and respect peace officers. Unfortunately, it seems that 'peace officers' are becoming extinct and being replaced by 'law enforcement officers' whose primary job is to enforce the ever-increasing amount of laws passed by politicians. 

This reality makes it apparent that modern law enforcement is a direct threat to liberty and prosperity. Modern cops seem to go far beyond just enforcing the many immoral, unconstitutional, anti-freedom laws on the books. On no fewer than thousands of occasions (and potentially many more not captured on video) police officers have extrajudicially punished people using violence (torture). Furthermore, very few cops are ever held accountable by the justice system or even condemned by their colleagues or bosses. 

Please join us in holding police accountable and asking them to return to the days when their primary mission was to promote peace, as opposed to their current control, abuse, and extort model of 'proactive policing'.