Elliot (Alu) Axelman began volunteering in EMS in 2011, and has grown much more involved in EMS since, earning his flight paramedic certification (FP-C) in June of 2017. In addition to his love for emergency medicine, Alu is a passionate activist for liberty and created this site and radio program to spread the ideas of self-ownership and to raise awareness of the corruptsocialist politicians destroying the country. Alu currently works as a paramedic and teaches EMS, is a  personal trainer, and is an amateur boxing pursuing a career as a professional. Alu is also a powerlifter and trains in nearly every other realm of fitness. In his spare time, Alu enjoys reading and learning languages and musical instruments

Conner Drigotas is the Director of Communications at a national nonprofit law firm and and an adjunct professor at Lehigh University. He writes at www.connerdrigotas.com. He is also a wedding officiant. A native Mainer, Conner spends his free time hiking, fishing, and hunting with his wife Danielle. All opinions expressed are his own.

Michael Sennello is an editor, host, and contributing writer as well as the resident video production and technologies expert with TLB. He has been a member of TLB team and a friend of founder Elliot Axelman since he ran for Town Council in his home town of New Milford, CT in the fall of 2017. A registered Libertarian, Mike recently moved to Tennessee in a successful search for work, and is happy to be in a state that supports individual liberty over the tyranny of socialism. He earned a BS in Management from Binghamton University in 2007, and is currently enrolled in Vol State’s Civil Engineering program.

Lazer Axelman began volunteering at his community ambulance service with his brother in 2011, where they both discovered their passion for EMS. A few months after becoming EMT's, they both began to train new volunteers in dispatching, driving, and in EMT skills. Lazer taught EMT's and paramedics at one of the most reputable universities/EMS institutes in downstate NY and worked as a paramedic for multiple private companies before accepting a job offer to work as a paramedic in central Wyoming beginning in August 2017. Lazer registered to vote as a libertarian the moment he turned 18, and has become an extremely passionate and bright defender of liberty over the  years.

Mark Stewart has been teaching SAT prep since 1987, and has since tutored students in preparation for the LSAT, GRE, and GMAT, as well as A.P. US history prep. Mark graduated from the Loomis Chaffee school in CT in 1982, received a BA from Dartmouth College in 1986, and received a JD from UC Berkeley Law School in 1992. Mark has become a strong and articulate fighter for liberty and is currently the political director of the Libertarian Party of Connecticut.

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